Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss: Buyer Beware!

diet pills

What if there was a pill that you could recommend to your patients that would help them shed unwanted pounds—a kind of “magic bullet” that would miraculously transform their bodies overnight? It’s a pleasant fantasy—one that supplement manufacturers and Big Pharma alike have pursued relentlessly for decades. New exotic sounding products like green coffee bean extract, Yalkon syrup, saffron extract, Coleus forskohlii, African mango seed,…

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These Silent Killers Have Become the Modern Plague


Antibiotics were once the solution, but are now the cause of many health problems that are beginning to surface. Overdosed, overprescribed and difficult to avoid, antibiotics are hiding in our food, milk, water and even produce. Beyond robbing our bodies of a powerful line of defense needed most when we are sick, antibiotics in our food disrupts the health and vibrancy of our gut microbiome—the…

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The Microbiome Solution


We are hearing more and more about how the bacteria in our gut controls the many physiological processes throughout our body. The most profound and compelling is the story about how shifts in bacterial populations may be the silent cause of systemic inflammation that wreaks havoc on our health. We now know that chronic inflammation is the root cause of the chronic diseases that plague…

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Does Coffee Make You Bulletproof?

Coffee and Butter

The other day I overhead people at my workplace buzzing about the newest craze of butter-coffee which is being promoted by Bulletproof Coffee, which is opening their flagship café in Santa Monica. CA.  Is this really a healthier choice than the standard milk products available to you at your local coffee shops? According to the Bulletproof website the answer is yes! Before we delve into…

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Millions are Expected to Develop Alzheimer’s Disease–What to Do to Prevent it from Happening to You: An Inside-Out Approach

Brain Image-714

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder and the leading cause of cognitive and behavioral impairment in industrialized societies. The cause of AD is unknown and the major risk factor for AD is age. About 5% of all AD cases have a genetic or familial cause, however, the vast majority of all AD cases (~95%) are of sporadic origin. Both the familial and the…

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Fermented Foods, Neuroticism, and Social Anxiety: An Interaction Model


The consumption of highly palatable high-fat and high-sugar foods have increased dramatically over the past years. Food influences mood. Plain and simple. We know this to be true. The modern-day Western diet is riddled with appetizing “foods” that are high in sugary carbs and unhealthy fats have been shown to be associated with addictive behaviors, emotional eating, learning impairments, mental and behavioral imbalances. “Food psychiatry”…

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Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss: Buyer Beware!


Supplement manufacturers and Big Pharma have been trying to sell us the newest “magic bullet” for weight loss for decades. Sure, we’d all love it if we could pop a pill and the fat would simply melt away. This dream has driven a massive market for new exotic sounding products like green coffee bean extract, Yalkon syrup, saffron extract, Coleus forskohlii, African mango seed, sea…

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Celiac Disease is More Common Than We Thought


For a long time celiac disease (CD), an autoimmune disorder that is triggered by the consumption of gluten, was considered rare. The classic conception of celiac disease is that it begins in childhood with symptoms like diarrhea, weight loss, and malabsorption of nutrients. While this can be the case, it turns out this picture of CD is far from complete. For one thing, CD more…

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Gut Imbalance: The Modern Plague and Hidden Epidemic

Gut Bugs

Why is the gut and the 100 trillion microorganisms that live inside of it such a hot media and scientific research topic lately? The answer is simple: These microscopic microbes are not just passive hitchhikers–they actually provide vital metabolic functions that keep us healthy when they are balanced in type and number. We do not live in a glass bubble. We are constantly coated by…

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Whole Grains: Dietary Angel or Demon?


As we are becoming more informed and perhaps more wary about the connection between gluten consumption and illness, the conversation has recently extended to suggest that all grains should be avoided.  This anti-grain consumption movement is predicated upon the diet of humans back in Paleolithic times, which consisted of wild game, fruits, vegetables and nuts. So what’s the truth about whole grains? Are they a…

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The Surprising Truth about Gluten

Bread with Caution Tape

Walk into just about any grocery store these days, and you’re going to find an entire section devoted to gluten-free (GF) foods. Eliminating gluten from your diet has become so popular that celebrities and authorities alike have jumped on the gluten bashing bandwagon. Our growing aversion to this protein has spawned a massive market for GF products. An estimated 100 million Americans go GF every…

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3 Steps to a Lean Metabolism: Lose the Weight for Good

Realistic rendering of bacteria - in green colors

Living deep inside your gut are a host of tiny odd creatures that cause you to gain fat, and others that help you burn it off. And despite all the complexities of why people gain weight, there’s a wonderfully simple approach you can take to shedding pounds and rebalancing your health: eat and live in a way that makes these gut bugs happy. You need…

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How An Imbalanced Gut Can Lead to Stubborn Weight Gain

Gut Health Colorectal Health

We have all been there at one time or another. Notice how I open the blog with the word we. That’s because I was an overweight teen and was mocked, ridiculed and bullied because of my weight which motivated me to find a permanent fix. I tell this story in the introduction of The Gut Balance Revolution, Before I describe how I discovered my own…

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The Human Gut Microbiome: The Garden of Life and Key to Health

Human Gut Microbiome

We are not alone. Yes, we constantly have companionship with a mass of symbiotic organisms who communicate with our brains and control every aspect of our health. You think me mad or paranoid but it’s true. Deep within our intestinal tract lies over 100 trillion microbes collective known as the gut microbiome. Our understanding of the functions of the gut microbiome has truly revolutionized our…

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Can Exercise Negate a Bad Diet?

Exercise Counteract Bad Eating

We all see people running for an hour then eating ice cream thinking they still came out ahead of the game. But are they? In Gut Balance Revolution I talk about the calorie myth and how counting calories leads to frustration and failure for many. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers by at least…

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Natural Solutions to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects an estimated 15 percent of Americans—can cause uncomfortable changes in bowel habits, including diarrhea, chronic constipation, or a combination of both. People with IBS may also experience bloating, gas, and intense abdominal pain. Living with IBS can be frustrating, especially if you rely on conventional measures to treat it. The condition can have a devastating impact on your happiness,…

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Science in the News. The Low Nickel Diet. I am Putting My Nickel Down Against This One!

Low Nickel Diet

Another new diet will likely hit the market soon after a press release this morning. A new study published in PLOS ONE by Lusi concludes that nickel sensitivity may be contributing to obesity and that a low nickel diet may facilitate healthy weight loss. Is there a shred of truth to this daring hypothesis? Before I provide an analysis of this study I must…

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Ask Dr. Gerry: What Should I Eat at the Ballpark? Be Wary of Gut-busting Junk!

Eating Healthy At Baseball Games

What to Eat? Thousands of books have been written on this topic. What to eat at the ballpark? Well, that remains a mystery if you want to eat healthy. As a nation we are celebrating the opening of another season of America’s pastime. If you are planning on going to a ballpark to view a game, you are likely to participate in the festive atmosphere…

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Science in the News April 2015: Glutamine for Gut Healing and Weight Loss?

Glutamine for Gut Healing and Weight Loss

Glutamine is an amino acid which is used by the small bowel for energy, growth, and healing, but what about its use as a supplement for gut healing? As Rodney Dangerfield would say, “No respect”! The use of glutamine supplementation for gut repair by holistic and functional medicine doctors has been labeled as quackery. However, there is emerging evidence that intestinal hyperpermeability (aka leaky gut)…

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Botox for Obesity: Does it Work?

Botox Cure Obesity For Weight Loss

The fact is that intragastric injection of botulin A has been reported in the top endoscopy (GI Endoscopy) journal to be effective for weight loss in a meta-analysis of 8 studies which included 115 study subjects ( Rationale Overweight individuals have been found to have problems with satiation that can trick the brain into overeating. One reason is that the stomach-derived, appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin is telling the brain,…

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