Colonoscopy Affirmed A Lifesaving Test

Colonoscopy is a lifesaving screening test and a new study shared in a recent New York Times article affirms it.

Colonoscopies are more mainstream than ever – raising awareness among millions of Americans in the hope of saving lives.  Celebrities like Katie Couric airing her live colonoscopy screening on TV, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne teamed up with CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes promoting a trip to NY and a free colonoscopy, and Dr Oz brought attention to colonoscopy as he himself had a cancer scare.

With March being National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, I want to emphasize how important, effective, safe and valuable colonoscopy is as a screening tool.

Thirty two thousand people die each year from colon cancer.  “Many people dislike having the procedure, however, a colonoscopy doesn’t have to be completed each year” according to the study.  If there are no polyps, it is recommended just once every 10 years. People with polyps are usually told to have the test every three years.”

No one should be dying from this preventable cancer due to the easy access of a colonoscopy procedure which most insurance companies pay for.  Colonoscopies cut the risk of cancer death by half and this evidence helps confirm what many physicians have long believed.

Please talk with your doctor about scheduling a colonoscopy procedure and take control of your health. For more information, see your healthcare professional.

Have you had a colonoscopy yet?

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