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Julie Thorpe


Food as Medicine

Our bodies were not designed to eat a diet that is high in processed foods. Paleolithic man and woman were hunter-gatherers whose diet was high in fiber, plant-based, fruits and only wild game. Many of chronic diseases today have been linked to a Western-based diet and food-based therapies have been shown to help prevent or reverse disease. Dr. Mullin outlines the 7 critical factors in food to consider for optimal health and discusses in detail foods that have been shown to prevent and treat disease.


Gut on Fire

Inflammation has gathered attention as one of the nation’s leading causes of death. In the “Gut on Fire”, Dr. Mullin discusses the triggers of inflammation in the digestive tract and how good nutrition and natural medicine can help facilitate healing. The lecture is evidence-based mixed with case studies from his clinic. Anti-inflammatory nutrients such as curcumin, Boswellia, vitamin D, probiotics, prebiotics and fish oil are discussed in depth.


The Inside Tract

The digestive system or inside tract is a superhighway for the processing of food into life force. This 30 foot long tube which connects our internal and external world contains most of our immune system, as many nerve cells as our brain and hosts over 500 different types of bacteria having 10 times more cells and 100 times more DNA than the human body. Dr. Mullin describes the unique features of the inside tract along, the epidemiology, root causes and natural therapies for many diseases of the digestive system.


“After listening to Dr. Mullin, I immediately was inspired to be more accountable for my personal health and well-being,” said Chris Young, Wealth Management.

“Dr. Mullin’s talk was fantastic — he truly covered all aspects of our diets, including both what’s good and what’s not,” said Katherine Pinkard Bowers, also in Wealth Management. “He added clarity and explanations to some of the basics that I already knew, which helped make the more complex topics fall into place. I can’t wait to read his book! A huge thank-you to the GMD Living Well team for arranging this session!”