Dr Gerard Mullin Speaking


The Gut Balance Revolution

Calories in=calories out? This calorie myth has been perpetuated for decades and has misled the masses contributing to a growing obesity epidemic.

A hidden secret is that food quality not calorie is a critical factor to weight regulation. Your gut flora are a major determinant in whether you are overweight or thin. The way you live cultivates either a healthy thriving inner ecosystem or an unhealthy mix of bad bugs that drive weight gain. Dr. Mullin uncovers the compelling research of how the inner world of the gut microbiome regulates metabolism, energy, mood and much more. He discusses how diet, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics and other environmental factors can alter the composition of the gut microbiome and impact health outcomes.

Food as Medicine

Our bodies were not designed to eat a diet that is high in processed foods. Paleolithic man and woman were hunter-gatherers whose diet was high in fiber, plant-based, fruits and only wild game. Many of chronic diseases today have been linked to a Western-based diet and food-based therapies have been shown to help prevent or reverse disease. Dr. Mullin outlines the 7 critical factors in food to consider for optimal health and discusses in detail foods that have been shown to prevent and treat disease.

Dr. Mullin presents difficult concepts in an engaging style that informs clinicians and enables them to implement integrative solutions immediately, benefitting patients.”

— Dan Lukaczer, ND, Director of Medical Education, The Institute for Functional Medicine

The Kitchen Cupboard

Our kitchen pantry holds the potential solutions to health and healing but oftentimes is filled with “ingestibles” that promote disease. Dr. Mullin discusses a 5-step process for rebuilding the kitchen pantry to a more robust armamentarium of foods that promote vibrant health and prevent and mitigate disease.

Superfoods for Weight Loss

Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and many have associated chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and are at higher risk for stroke, cancer and much more. Dr. Mullin unlocks the hidden secretes to sustainable weight loss by integrating superfoods into one’s diet to promote a lean metabolism, turn on the fat-burning switch and prevent and mitigate chronic disease.

Go With Your Gut

The digestive system or inside tract is a superhighway for the processing of food into life force. This 30-foot-long tube which connects our internal and external world contains most of our immune system, as many nerve cells as our brain and hosts over 500 different types of bacteria having 10 times more cells and 100 times more DNA than the human body. Dr. Mullin describes the unique features of the inside tract, its controlling influence on whole body health, the epidemiology, root causes and natural therapies for many diseases of the digestive system.

Dr. Mullin’s lecture for our SIBO Symposium was absolutely amazing. You could hear a pin drop during his talk – everybody loved it! His information was extremely relevant and helpful. His delivery style was relaxed, clear and enjoyable. It was obvious he put a lot of work into his presentation- which benefited us all. Thank you Dr. Mullin!”

Allison Siebecker ND, MSOM, LAc
Medical Director SIBO Center for Digestive Health
Course Director SIBO Symposium
Faculty National College of Natural Medicine

Gut on Fire

Inflammation has gathered attention as one of the nation’s leading causes of death. In the “Gut on Fire,” Dr. Mullin discusses the triggers of inflammation in the digestive tract and how good nutrition and natural medicine can help facilitate healing. The lecture is evidence-based mixed with case studies from his clinic. Anti-inflammatory nutrients such as curcumin, Boswellia, vitamin D, probiotics, prebiotics and fish oil are discussed in depth.