The Inside Tract

The Inside Tract

The Inside Tract: Your Good Gut Guide to Great Digestive Health

Gerard Mullin, MD, and Kathie Madonna Swift, RD

A comprehensive plan for alleviating digestive ailments through nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

For many centuries, early medicine, ayurvedic, and traditional Chinese medicine have identified the gut as the center of health and wellness. In The Inside Tract, Gerard Mullin, MD, a leading internist, gastroenterologist, and nutritionist at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Kathie Swift, RD, a leading nutritionist, provide an easy to follow guide. Studies have shown that over half of the 60 million Americans suffering from digestive disorders such as IBS, GERD, celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity are actively looking for alternative ways to address these ailments. Through case studies of his patients and personal observations, Dr. Mullin and Kathie Swift present their plan to help improve a variety of gut issues:

    • nutrition: using recipes created by Kathie Swift, the former Director of Nutrition at Canyon Ranch, readers learn how food can be a cure, not a cause, of intestinal problems
    • supplements: these natural diet boosters can be effective in providing relief
    • lifestyle changes: a 7-step lifestyle modification plan includes exercise recommendations, stress management techniques, and more

Using the questionnaire provided, readers will be able to determine their own unique Gastrointestinal Point System (GPS) and design an individualized plan to get themselves on the right “tract” to digestive wellness.

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GERARD MULLIN, MD, is Director of Integrative GI Nutrition Services at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.
KATHIE MADONNA SWIFT is a Registered Dietician and currently the Nutrition Director at the UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA.